Pemodelan Retak Pada Struktur Beton Bertulang

Nuroji Nuroji • Mohamad Sahari Besari • Iswandi Imran
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Sipil ITB • 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


. This paper presents a crack model for reinforced concrete structures by using nonlinear finite element method. The crack model used in this study is a discrete crack to simulate strain discontinuity, Discrete cracks are inserted into the structure when the principal tensile stress of nodes have reached the tensile strength of concrete. Insertion of discrete cracks into the structure is only performed when resulting stress combinations are dominated by normal tension stress. Nevertheless, if the principle tension stress on a Gauss point has exceeded the tensile strength of concrete, the craks is treated as a smeared crack with a change in material behavior from one isotropic to another orthotropic character. To find the appropriate direction and pattern of cracks, insertion of discrete cracks into the structure is not only performed by node separation at nodes which have reached the tensile strength of concrete, but also by rotation of the crack perpendicular to the direction of the principle tension stress and dragging the crack-tip node as far as the crack has propagated. Some specimens with different cases e.i Beam J4 (Burns and Siess 1962), Beam OA (Bresler dan Scordelis 1963) and Beam A4 (Ahmad et al. 1986) were analyzed to validate the model. The model is not only able to shows that the structure response is very close to the experimental test, but also can describe the proper crack pattern.




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