Implementasi Manajemen Mutu Pada Industri Penangkapan Ikan (Implementation of Quality Management on Fishing Industry)

Tri Wiji Nurani • Sugeng Hari Wisudo • Mohammad Imron
Journal article Marine Fisheries • Kasım 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


The Indonesian government has already paid high attention to the quality assurance of fishery products. It can be seen from the legislation and policies that have been established. In a Ministry of Marine Affari Regulation (Kepmen KP 01/MEN/2007) clearly stated that the quality assurance requirements and food safety of fishery products, start from the production, processing and distribution. Meanwhile, fisherman understanding of the qualityof fish product is still low. This study was conducted to assess the implementation of Kepmen KP 01/MEN/2007 in the fishing industry. Analysis of the the implementation of the quality elements refers to “The Aplication of the guidelines of PMMT based on the conception HACCP” (Dirjen Perikanan Tangkap, 1999). The results showed that the implementation of quality management system according Kepmen KP 01/MEN/2007 on fishing vessels in Palabuhanratu fishing port wasstill dificult to implement. In small vessels, factors that wascause the difficulty of implementation wasthe limited space of fishing boat and knowledge of fisherman. While in the long line and trolling, structural requirements, the feasibility of the ship and regristation of ship has already implemented, but related to hygiene and handling of fish on board have not implemented properly.