Perencanaan Kegiatan Maintenance Dengan Metode Reability Centered Maintenance (Rcm) II

Rachmad Hidayat • Nachnul Ansori • Ali Imron
Journal article Makara Journal of Technology • Nisan 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Maintenance Activity Planning by Reability Centered Maintenance (RCM) II Method. This research discussmaintenance activity by using RCM II method to determine failure function risk at compresor screw. Calculation isgiven to magnitude optimum time maintenance interval by considering the cost maintenance and the cost reparation.From the research results with RPN points out that critical component that needs to get main priority in givemaintenance on compresor screw are bust logistic on timeworn piston, and on filter's sponge airs to come out damagethat gets RPN 45. Optimum maintenance interval point one that acquired to prevent failure on compresor screw smallerthan appreciative MTTF which indicate optimum maintenance interval in avoiding its bust happening logisticcomponent before happening damage.




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