Upaya Penanganan Mutu Ikan Tuna Segar Hasil Tangkapan Kapal Tuna Longline Untuk Tujuan Ekspor (Fresh Tuna Handling Quality for Tuna Longliner Caching for Export Market)

Tri W. Nurani • Rama P. S. Murdaniel • Muklis H. Harahap
Journal article Marine Fisheries • Kasım 2013 Japonya

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The main purpose of fresh tuna longline fishing vessels operations is fresh tuna for export. The main market of these products are Japan, American and European Union. The markets require a high quality product that goes to the country. This paper is review of the research were conducted in 2007 and 2010, aims to compare the proportion of feasibility of tuna for export from fresh tunalongliner. The study is based on the research results that conducted in the PPS Muara Baru in April-Mei 2007 and September-Oktober 2010. Method of the research have used mapping control analysis. The results showed that the proportion of products that meet the standards of export in 2007 outside the control of the Central Line (GT): 50,40; Upper Line (BA): 51,45-54,14 and Bottom Line (BB): 47,46-49,35. Meanwhile, the research results of 2010 also showed out of control, with the GT: 21,50; BA: 24,55 and BB: 18,45. Thus although there is a decrease proportion for products that do not meet the export quality standards from 50,40% in 2007 to 21,50% in 2010. Based on these result, we can conclude that there is an increase the proportion of viable tuna export product, indicate that there were an improvement in quality control on fresh tuna longline fishing vessels.