Rumah Indonesia Bernuansa “Indonesia Negara 1000 Budaya” Sebagai Sarana Informasi Sekaligus Untuk Memperkenalkan Budaya Indonesia Pada Masyarakat Di Perbatasan

Muhammad Wasal Falah • Nasrudin N. • Yeni Jayanti • Sutri Utami

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Indonesia is a country that has an abundance of different cultures. With the abundance of culture possessed, Indonesia should be able to preserve it. However, in reality some Indonesian culture has been claimed by neighboring countries such as Reog Ponorogo is claimed by Malaysia, and others. So must to do an action that can minimize the threat. One solution is by the Rumah Indonesia. Rumah Indonesia is a public facility that concept "Indonesia is a Country of 1000 Culture". The goal is to make the establishment of information centers as well as introducing Indonesian culture to the people at the border. Which in turn can be everlasting to Indonesian culture and not claimed by neighboring countries.





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