Kerupuk R&b (Snack Sehat dengan Pengolahan Modern)

Atik Dina Nasekhah • Andika Kurnia Agata • Gita Febri Saputri • Sulistiyaningsih S. • Hantiantoro Muhammad Imamul Khoiro

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Kerupuk (crackers) is a familiar food in Indonesia because many people liked it. The fact, some products of kerupuk have a dangerous subtances for human body. So, there is an idea to make kerupuk called Kerupuk R&B (fRuit and vegetaBle). The purpose of this program is hygienic kerupuk with modern processed. Preparing session of production must be conducted in begining and this processed until Kerupuk R&B has been packed. Results from this program are Kerupuk R&B with collards, guavas, spinachs, and carrot taste. The originality of this product is have natural colours and health educational content in the packaging.





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