“Arc's” : Jasa Pembuatan Dan Pengembangan Teknologi Robotika Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Pendidikan Menuju Indonesia Modern

Tifani Galuh Utami • Afriyani Soraya Sari • Nisa’ Latifatul Ngilma • Surya B., Tito Garry • Dwi J., Raysita Galuh

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Educational robotics are expected to create the nation's next personal creative, innovative and productive person. To begin the application of robotics education, ARC'S Electronics comes as a facilitator of learning robotics media providers. Products that we offered are packaged in modular so that easier to understand and allow users to conduct the development and modification against basic forms of the robot. We choose to launch several products of line follower robot. To reach a wider range of customers, we not only provide manufacturing services robot at high school and university levels, but also provide electronic equipment, industrial automation and instrumentation.





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