Penggunaan Media Monopoli Dalam Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Akuntansi Siswa

Henny Zurika Lubis • Anita Harahap

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 19 pages)


This study aims to determine the accounting students improve learning outcomes through the use of media monopoly. The instruments used in data collection in this study is the tests and observation. The test used is a test form test description (essay test) with a few questions each cycle. Observations made in this study is intended to determine the ability of students are evident from the activity of students in the learning process by using media that has been applied during the learning process. Based on the research results, the obtained results show that during the pre-test, there were 15 people (42.85%) of students who pass the study, whereas in the first cycle there are 23 people (65.71%) were completed, and the second cycle the number of students were thoroughly studied to 31 students (88.57%). This shows that there is an increase in learning outcomes from pre-test to post-test cycle II. It can be concluded that the use of the media monopoly can improve student learning outcomes accounting.




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