The Influence Of The Socialization Of Gender Roles On Patriarchal Culture and Masculine Ideology On The Emergence Of Gender Role Conflict In Men Of Karo Tribe

Karina Meriem Beru Brahmana

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(English, 17 pages)


The background of this paper comes from considering the lack of research and article about men and gender role conflict in Indonesia. As we know, the term of gender generally associated with gender injustice conditions experienced by women. Nevertheless, men also experiences gender inequality in their daily life, which led to the emergence of conflict within them that increased the possibilities of problems. Until now, research of gender role conflict experienced by men has been done in Europe and many other countries in Asia. Unfortunately in Indonesia, the research about gender role conflict experienced by men is still limited. Since the late 1970s concern for gender role conflict in men has begun to emerge. The gender role conflict in men rises many problems in man who is not only disturbing himself but also others. The conflict arose from the socialization of rigid gender roles in patriarchal society and masculine ideology. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the importance of research on gender role conflict in men in Indonesia. Author relates this paper to the Karo tribe cultural context which is one of the tribes with patrilineal kinship. Keywords: gender role conflict, gender role socialization, masculine ideology.




International Conference on Psychology and Multiculturalism 2017

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