The Effect of Conflict Self-efficacy on Work-Study Conflict in Working College Students

Tirza Kalesaran • Clara Moningka • Yulius Fransisco Angkawijaya

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(English, 13 pages)


Nowadays, studying while working is quite popular in the society. The need of self improvement and career development is now important. The activities require the working college student to be able to manage their role. The individual who cannot cope with their roles tend to have a conflict known as work-study conflict. Work-study conflict refers to conflict occur when the work activities interfere the responsibilities as students. According to various studies, self-reliance may affect work-study conflicts. This term refers to conflict self-efficacy which is a self-belief in their ability to cope with their conflict. This kind of self- efficacy is used to overcome their conflict. This research aims to find out the effect of conflict self-efficacy on work-study conflict in working college students. The respondent of this study is 215 respondents. The respondents are from various universites in Jakarta. The results of this research indicate that there is a relationship between conflict self-efficacy with work-study conflict (r =.211, p<.05). The conclusion in this research is that conflict self- efficacy contributed significantly to work-study conflict, but not the key factor. Other factors such as optimism, motivation, and adversity quotient also considered as the influence factors. Keywords: work-study, self-efficacy, role conflict




International Conference on Psychology and Multiculturalism 2017

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