Perkembangan Hukum Ekonomi Syariah di Indonesia

Fitrianur Syarif
Journal article Pleno Jure • Ekim 2019 Endonezya

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


. The development of Islamic economics took place so rapidly. This is also supported by the legal sector, which is based on the issuance of laws and regulations in the field of Islamic economics, among others, the issuance of Law Number 3 of 2006 which gives authority to the Religious Courts to handle sharia economic dispute cases. In addition, the issuance of Law Number 19 of 2008 concerning State Sharia Securities and Law Number 21 of 2008 concerning Sharia Banking further strengthens the legal foundation of Islamic economics in Indonesia. At a practical level, the existence of Islamic financial institutions now shows an increasingly rapid development. This is in line with the increasing awareness of the majority of Muslims to implement Islam faithfully. The research objective of this journal is to find out the development of Sharia Economic Law in Indonesia, with normative legal research methods with a conceptual approach that is to seek principles, doctrines and sources of law in a juridical philosophical sense. The reason researchers use normative legal research is to produce new arguments, theories or concepts as practitioners in solving problems they face. The results of the research and discussion are the existence of Islamic economics in Indonesia, in fact it has taken root even though its validity is still normative sociology.





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