Helping Students Write Narrative Texts Using SMS (Story Modification Strategy)

Bambang Yulianto
Journal article Edulink • 2019

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One of the problems faced by students in writing a narrative text (story) is that they have no ideas to develop into a full story. They usually spend so much time to think of what to write about that they finally run out of time to complete the task. Meanwhile, there is a fact that stories in movies are sometimes derived from fairy tales the setting of time and place of which have been made different. This has given me inspiration that students do not have to make a completely new story in order to write a narrative text. As students are familiar with tales, legends, or fables, what they need is only to make some modifications to the existing stories they already know. In other words, in order to be able to write a new story they actually only need to “cook” the “ingredients” they have in mind. Thus, there is no more reason for them not to write a story because of having no ideas to write. This paper will give a model of helping students using the strategy called SMS or Story Modification Strategy.



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