Kefir Susu Nabati dengan Penambahan Kulit Pisang Tanduk (Musa Paradisiacal Var. Corniculata)

Vina Priscilla • Tjandra Pantjajani • Fenny Irawati
Journal article Keluwih: Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi • 2020

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– Non dairy milk contains high protein and carbohydrate, low fat, and free lactose. Even more, banana peel has a potential as prebiotic because it contains 33% fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Banana peel was usually being thrown away although it still had good content. That would be a potential resource to make a non dairy kefir from it. This research aimed to know the effect on changes of fermentation parameters, the results of organoleptic tests, and the best treatment in making non dairy kefir with addition of Tanduk banana peel. The results showed that the parameters of total sugar, lactic acid, pH, TAT, viscosity, ethanol, number of yeast and LAB tests were significantly different in each sample even though not all samples were significantly different on reducing sugar. The results of organoleptic tests showed that non dairy kefir without the addition of Tanduk banana peel was the most preferred kefir with quite sweet and sour taste, not alcoholic, less sour and quite unpleasant aroma, a yellowish white color, quite thick consistency, and not bitter aftertaste. The best treatment based on the effective-index method was non dairy kefir with the addition of 5% Tanduk banana peel.



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