Pengaruh Pengolahan terhadap Nilai Fungsional Bawang Putih (Allium Sativum)

Chessa Uly Thalia • Ruth Chrisnasari • Rosita Dewi, Ardhia Dheasy
Journal article Keluwih: Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi • 2020

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-Organosulphur compounds in garlic has bactericidal effect and antioxidant potentials. However, toxic effects and strong odor produced by the compound allicin contribute to the reduction of garlic consumption. The production of allicin compound can be inhibited by skipping grinding and substituting it with other methods such as heating with oven and soaking in salt water, so the production pathway of organosulphur compounds will produce S-allyl cysteine which have lower toxic effect and antioxidant activity up to six fold compared to allicin. This research is done as a preliminary test to know the effect of process towards functional value of garlic. The results showed that the best treatment for black garlic (80℃ for 40 days) and pickled garlic (salt concentration of 3% for 40 days) has antioxidant activity (37,03%, 72,30%, and 32,17%), phenolic content (0,50mg GAE/g sample, 1,09mg GAE/g sample, and 0,146mg GAE/g sample), vitamin C content (0,068% b/b, 0,348% b/b, and 0,054% b/b), and protein content (3,1% N, 7,61% N, and 1,45% N) respectively that was significantly different (pvalue < 0,05), antimicrobial activity and total plate count test was not significantly different (pvalue > 0,05). Therefore, the process that gives the highest functional value was the black garlic. Keywords: garlic, black garlic, pickled garlic, functional food, antioxidant activity, phenols, alliin, S-allyl cysteine



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