Kajian Semiotika Pernikahan Karakter Virtual Hatsune Miku dan Akihiko Kondo

Guguh Sujatmiko
Journal article Keluwih: Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi • 2020

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—Akihiko Kondo and Hatsune Miku's marriage ceremony attracted public attention. The marriage shows an unusual relationship between human and virtual character, the Actual world who got married to the Ideal world. This paper uses a qualitative method of the semiotic theory of Rholand Barthes. This paper _tries to describe the signs that are connected to both virtual characters and humans. The signs were dismantled to find out what codes and symbols that worked. The results show that the signs which were constructed into Hatsune Miku's character have naturalization of meaning, therefore the arose myths became ordinary as humans consume virtual signs continuously and endlessly. The signs become very important, the ideal world will be more interesting to be explored because it provides very broad opportunities in the signs development.



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