Perubahan Pola Ruang Desa Bali Aga Belandingan Kintamani, Bali

Ni G. A. Diah Ambarwati Kardinal • I. Komang Gede Santhyasa
Journal article Sustainable, Planning and Culture • 2019 Endonezya

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I Aga Villages are also known to have unique settlement patterns in Bali. Each village has its own characteristics.Like those found in Bali Aga Belandingan Village, located in the Kintamani Mountains, Bangli. Its location in themountains with steep topography influences its village settlement pattern so that the settlement pattern is different fromother Balinese aga mountain villages both in the Kintamani region itself and when compared to the Balinese agamountain villages in other districts such as Tigawasa or Sembiran. At present there is very little information aboutBelandingan village. Its status as 15 villages supporting the Geopark makes the community want to make BelandinganVillage a Tourism Village. Without documentation accompanied by feares that planning will eliminate the uniqueness ofBelandingan village as Bali Aga Village. Changes in the pattern of village space have occurred. Important searches arecarried out to understand the current context of spatial patterns for future planning. The method used in finding changesin spatial patterns is by tracing the history of the village which is then evaluated for changes that occur so that it can beseen whether these changes have damaged the traditional village structure of Bali Aga or have no effect on the patternof village space. From this evaluation, it can also be seen how the village community views the changes that occur.



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