Tatanan Ruang Permukiman Sentra Industri Genteng di Desa Pejaten Tabanan

I. Wayan Adi Suyasa • I. Komang Gede Santhyasa • Wahyudi Arimbawa
Journal article Sustainable, Planning and Culture • 2019

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Traditional Balinese settlements are a place of whole and round life which consists of three elements, namely: elements of heaven three elements of krama village (citizens), and Coral village (region). From the research that has been done, there are 4 types of typology that occur in the traditional settlement of Pejaten Village community that is: (a). Tile business that still survive in the yard / house stay, (b). The business of tile development to the area tebe / nista mandala, (c). Tile business development to the tebe area on the right or left side of the yard / residence and (d) Tile business away from the yard / house and still in Pejaten Village.





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