Telkom School of Telematics Purwokerto (ST3 Telkom)

College in Purwokerto, Endonezya

Jalan D.I. Panjaitan No. 128, Purwokerto, Jawa Tengah 53147, Indonesia

Telkom School of Telematics Purwokerto (ST3 Telkom)

Telkom School Of Telematics Purwokerto (ST3 Telkom Purwokerto; Indonesian: Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telematika Telkom Purwokerto) is a public telecommunications-focused college located in Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia. The college was formerly known as Akademi Telekomunikasi Sandhy Putra Telkom, which was established in 2002. ST3 Telkom Purwokerto is operated by the Telkom Foundation.

Fields of study: Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, Computer Science & Information Technology

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