Khairun University (Unkhair)

University in Temate, Endonezya

JL. Batu Angus, RT. 001/05, Dufa-dufa, Ternate Utara, Kota Ternate, Maluku Utara, Indonesia

Khairun University (Unkhair)

Universitas Khairun (UNKHAIR) is a State University in North Maluku Province, which was established on August 15, 1964. It received recognition by the issuance of Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science No. 100/B/SWT/1965 dated February 15, 1965, concerning the status and position of Unkhair. It then changed its status to a State University based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 18 of 2004 dated March 17, 2004.

Fields of study: Multidisciplinary

Journals published by Unkhair:

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