Akademi Kesehatan Rajekwesi Bojonegoro (AKES Rajekwesi Bojonegoro)

College in Bojonegoro, Індонезія


Jl. KH. Rosyid KM 5, Bojonegoro, Jawa Timur 62171, Indonesia

Akademi Kesehatan Rajekwesi Bojonegoro (AKES Rajekwesi Bojonegoro)

Akademi Kesehatan Rajekwesi Bojonegoro is a private health college that belongs to the Bojonegoro Health Education Foundation. It was established on June 20, 1994, with the Notary Number: June 20, 1994. The organizational and management workforce was outlined in the STATUTA which was implemented starting in 2011 based on the Director's Decree in 2011. In January 2011, the Bojonegoro Rajekwesi Health Academy of nursing and midwifery study programs were accredited by the BAN PT (National Higher Education Accreditation Agency).

Fields of study: Biomedical Sciences, Medical Sciences, Public Health & Sanitation

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