Kepemimpinan Visioner (Studi Multi Kasus Di SD Unggulan Al-ya'lu Malang Dan SD I Alam Bilingual Surya Buana Malang)

Muh Hambali
Journal article Madrasah • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 22 pages)


Visioner Leadership is formulate, transform, perform, and actuate ideal opinions from their self and social interaction between school citizen and stakeholder as school idea in the next period. Whereas, the goal of qualitative research with multicases characteristicto describe visioner leadership characteristic in “SD UnggulanAl-Ya'lu Malang dan SDI Alam Bilingual Surya Buana Malang”, describe visioner leadhership, develop visioner soul, and comparation of two institute. This research explain, that visioner leadership characteristic of two institute this, have integrity soul, adaptation soul, direction determining, positive thinking, dicipline, competition tradition. Two modals in elementary school to improve leadership soul based on personifacation of visi and leadership head master referency, values, and believing, reward, and ripeness of teacher emotion, self evaluation, and arrange development planning of human resoucess. Whereas, visionelization leadership emphasize the different superiority one each other. Leadership is strengthen superiority tradition for school citizen. History prove school dispersion caused leadership fading which not strengthen perspective that become point of institute development.