Baby Soothsayers Are Still in Birthing Process by Indonesian Community

Rina Anggorodi
Journal article Makara Journal of Health Research • Червень 2009 Індонезія

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


One of health case which still many happened in Indonesia, born children with helped by baby soothsayer. In reality, most all Indonesia publics either that is who live in rural and also more even a urban love to be helped by soothsayer. The thing because of local tradition and mores. Purpose of research. Finds strategic to build cohesive network between the prominent as of themes, public, soothsayer and midwife in executing health service of maternal and perinatal joinly. Research method. Applies qualitative method. Technique done is in-depth interview. Informan is baby soothsayer, nurse and delivering birth mother helped by delivering birth baby soothsayer and mother helped by midwife. Research is done in Kabupaten Kendari (South-east Sulawesi), countryside Tobimiita and countryside Inalobu and countryside Lapulu; Sub-Province Cirebon (West Java), countryside Bode Sari and countryside Karangasem and countryside Gombong. Analysis. Effort for improvement of service of health of like the one mirror in soothsayer program to train that of course not aim to eliminate role played by system treatment of old health and changes it with system treatment of new health. Education given in soothsayer program to train that is justri realized as confession to carry out (enforcement) health service to baby soothsayer institute. Moreover, with education given, baby soothsayer is assumed can replace presence of new health facility assumed able to increase public health level. Conclusion. Partnership is one of solution for this problem most off all will develop cloistered areas where access every very limited health service.