Pola Sebaran Konsentrasi Klorofil-a Di Selat Bangka Dengan Menggunakan Citra Aqua-Modis

Prianto Prianto • Tengku Zia Ulqodry • Riris Aryawaty
Journal article Maspari Journal • Січень 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Bangka Strait is a narrow strait between the islands of Bangka and Sumatra, and predicted has high nutrients content. Nutrient can stimulate the growth of phytoplankton. The presence of phytoplankton can be detected of chlorophyll-a by using Aqua-Modis image. the purpose of this study were to describe the concentration of chlorophyll-a waters of Bangka Strait in 2009 by Aqua-Modis image data, and also to know the distribution patterns and concentrations of chlorophyll-a in the waters of Bangka Strait in March 2011. Aqua-Modis image interpretation showed that the waters of Bangka Strait had high chlorophyll-a concentrations for each seasons. Chlorophyll-a content of Bangka Strait on 3-4 March ranged 0.786 to 12.274 mg / m³. Key words : Aqua-Modis Image, distribution paterns, chlorophyll-a, Bangka Strait