Pengaruh Korupsi terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Studi Empiris Negara-Negara Asia Pasifik

Sri Nawatmi
Journal article Media Ekonomi dan Manajemen • 2016 Бруней • Камбоджа • Японія • Південна Корея

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


The research want to analysis about corruption and economic growth. The method of analysis use pooling data. Number of cross-section data are14 countries and times-series data are nine years. The best model obtained from redundant fixed effect test, correlated random effects-Hausman test and technical consideration. The model is fixed effect model. Based on regression output, corruption havepositif significant to 12 Asia Pasific countries economic growth. So, corruption are not become a grease of wheel for that countries. If corruption (corruption perception index/CPI) increase, economic growth increase too. While, another variables like FDI, and government budget for healthy have positive significant to the economic growth. Actually, only five countries in which the CPI variable significantly to economic growth. Two countries have positif significant (Japan and Korea) and another have negatif significant (Brunei Darussalam,Timor Leste, and Kamboja).




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