"Cornella" (Cookies Bekatul Jagung dan Rosella) sebagai Snack Alternatif Pencegah Diabetes Mellitus

Siska Jufia Puspita • Eka Wahyuni • Roro Antasari • Suhaeli Tri C. • Faradyta Wijaya

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World health organization (who) in 2010 reported 60 % cause of death all age in the world is because ptm and diabetes mellitus ranked 6th as cause of death, One of the factors dm the most high derived from a diet that is wrong. Corn bran a corn grinder waste that is considered less useful but many of its nutrition value such as energy content of 356 kilokalori, protein 9 g, carbohydrates 64.5 grams, calcium 200 mg, 10 mg, iron, vitamin A as much as 0 IU, etc. Rosella is a diabetes drug crops is still underutilized by society, Hence we mengemasnya in the cookies the easy consumed and healthy.Pkm-k aims that “cornella” be food an alternative for diabetics mellitus and can prevent DM, “cornella “ is a business opportunity which promises because raw materials widely available, still not be used in an inefficient manner and the absence of a snack products are beneficial to health especially prevent dm, Cornella” have a look and a unique flavour with a relatively inexpensive price Rp. 20.000/pack..Marketing using brochures and cooperate with the cakes and the surrounding community, get profit Rp 989.800. Next, hopefully accepted by company pastries, producing in a larger scale and employs workers in manufacturing




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