Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasimanajemen Pengolahan Pembuatanmateri Ajar Ibi Darmajaya

Sushanty Saleh
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi 2014 • Грудень 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Lecturer is one of theacademic community who has a key role in teaching and learning process.Teaching and learning activity which given by each lecturer consists of face to face classroom implementation, make of teaching materials, lab moduls, providing assigment, praktikum implementation, independent task, midterm exam and finall examination. In delevering material, a lecturer is helped by a teaching materials such as moduls, handout, or textbook.In this research produce design of management information systems process of documentation teaching materials so that hoped those can be organised, monitored and update according grown of techology.This study include several stages, they are analysis system requirements for wew system, and design by using usecase diagram, activity diagram and class diagram. Result of the research are database and interface of design architecture technology.





Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi 2014

  • Konferensi di Bandar Lampung, Індонезія pada tahun 2014
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Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi (SemBistek) 2014 is organised at 15-16 December 2014 by Ins... see more