Pembangunan Cyber Marketuntuk Menunjang Pemasaran dan Promosi Produk Home Industrydikawasan Sentra Keripikbandar Lampung

Sutedi Sutedi
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi 2014 • Грудень 2014 Індонезія

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Sentra Keripik Bandar Lampung is the area that is the center of home industry product sales results in the form of banana chips with a variety of flavors and other chips. Lampung chips delicacy has long been recognized by the community as well as the outside of Lampung Lampung. Lampung chips often taken as souvenirs Lampung highly desirable. Until now the process of promotion, and sales of home products industry is still done conventionally. Information technology has not been exploited to support the process of promotion and sale of products in Sentra Keripik Bandar Lampung due to lack of education and economic ability of vendors to develop applications based on information technology. It attracted the attention of researchers to find solutions to help the seller in Sentra Keripik Bandar Lampung in the process of developing applications supporting the promotion and sale of reliable yet affordable. Cyber market are designed to be used in conjunction with a lease application taking into account the privacy and security of data respectively. With cyber market is expected that the seller can extend the coverage area of promotion and marketing them through a system that requires minimal equipment.





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