Praktik Good Corporate Governance dan Dampaknya terhadap Kinerja Berdasarkan Balanced Scorecard pada Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum

Dewi Fitriyani • Wiwik Tiswiyanti • Eko Prasetyo
Conference paper 2nd Conference in Business, Accounting, and Management 2015 • Травень 2015 Індонезія

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


The aims of the study were to describe the practice of good corporate governance, to measure performance PDAM with balanced scorecard, and to find out the correlation between the practice of good corporate governance to performance.  This study conducted on  five PDAM in Jambi Province. Collection of data obtained through interviews, questionnare, annual report, related of documents and policies. The results of this study indicate good corporate governance practices on PDAM in Jambi Province in pretty good criteria. PDAM perfomance scores as measured by balanced scorecard show overall is still considered less than the target maximum working. The result of Pearson Product Moment test show the correlation between good corporate governance practices with the performance has a strong relationship but not significant. Â




2nd Conference in Business, Accounting, and Management 2015

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