Kansei Mining-based In Services sebagai Alternatif Pengembangan Metodologi Affective Design

Markus Hartono
Journal article Keluwih: Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi • 2020

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—Recent research in the field of affective design or known as Kansei engineering for affective design is faced with challenges and opportunities to obtain emotional needs (also called Kansei) that are valid and truly representative of the needs and experience of customer for certain products or services in a certain period. Kansei is indeed sensitive to objects, culture, time-based and the changes of the customer's emotional needs. The challenge so far has been to map the relationship between Kansei and service attributes correctly and representatively. Often what happens is that lack of the process of collecting and validating Kansei words which is limited to the number of samples and research methodology. Thus, this study was carried out by focusing on the study of literature and the development of Kansei engineering model using Kansei text-based mining approach applied to services. Keywords: Affective design, Kansei engineering, services, text mining



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