Kecenderungan Anak Bermain Gawai Hubungannya dengan Motivasi dan Prestasi Belajar

Ahmad Hanafi
Journal article EduBase • 2020

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Not a few children today, who call themselves millennial generation, compile in support of your goals, son? They answered that they no longer wanted to be doctors, engineers or others. AS want to be a YouTuber or a gamer. The results of this study indicate a link between the tendency of children to play Gawai with a decrease in motivation and their learning achievement, thus forming forms of game rentals such as Gawai, Gagget, Touch Screen Android Mobile, nitendo, sega and others need to get a backup in order to be searched not open when the child is in school hours. Likewise the use of touch screen Android phones by children, but it is part of the development of technology that can not be canceled, but the integration of the use of mobile phones for children must still be monitored and controlled by all parties, requires parents and teachers. Keywords: playing a device; motivation; learning achievement   



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