Examining Institutional English Language Program: English Teacher's Perspectives And Practices

Anthony Porras
Journal article Saga • Лютий 2020 Філіппіни

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The issue of what the role of grammar is and how it should be taught is still considered a dilemma among English teachers. Though various schools of thought and methodologies were discovered, the convincing postulations and effective practices in language learning are still in constant exploration. As an attempt to alleviate this dilemma, this research aims to identify teacher beliefs and practices when it comes to grammar. Utilizing a single case study method, perspectives and methodologies were studied from an English teacher in the Philippines. Findings revealed that grammar was still an important aspect in the language learning and teaching. However, fluency was greatly emphasized over accuracy. In practice, Communicative Language Teaching was the most commonly observed method utilized in teaching grammar. It is suggested that there should be a balance between form and function aspects of teaching grammar.






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