Washback of Broadcast Project-based Assessment for Tourism 4.0 Era on Students' Learning

Angesti Palupiningsih • Weka Kusumastiti
Journal article Saga • Лютий 2020

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Language assessment should support the learning process. Therefore, studying the washback of the assessment process is important to evaluate whether the assessment supports the learning process. English for tourism students is part of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Therefore, the appropriate assessment should be authentic since the need of their English is to perform their English based on their future professional setting. In Tourism 4.0 Era, tourism is not only dealing with welcoming guests, guiding, or arranging an itinerary but also broadcasting using internet media. One of the efforts to prepare the students with those demands is conducting the broadcast project-based assessment. This research aims at identifying its washback in the students' learning. In-depth interview was employed as the data collection method. The results show that motivation and learning improvement were the washback of broadcast project-based assessment on learning.






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