Integrating Learner Corpus Analysis Into the Teaching of English Academic Writing

Lavinia Disa Winona Araminta
Journal article Saga • Лютий 2020 Індонезія

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Practical implementation of learner corpus research to inform language pedagogy has been common, given the availability of resources, such as a large amount of data about the products of language learning and factual language uses, and the necessary technology, such as concordance programs. This article lays out the typical analyses of learner corpora and the implications of and issues surrounding such studies on second/foreign language teaching based on the existing literature. More specifically, the article captures the need for a more extensive corpus of Indonesian learners' English other than what is already available to represent more insights about English language teaching in Indonesia. Furthermore, it proposes the development of an in-house learner corpus for direct and indirect uses at Universitas Indonesia. An actual trial on building a sample learner corpus and running a lexical analysis demonstrates the plausibility of integrating learner corpus into the teaching of academic writing on higher-education levels.






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