Penerimaan dan Penolakan Homoseksual Berbasis Pengalaman Pribadi Teologi Kekristenan dari Sisi Pendetaan Agama Kristen

Helen Diana Subekti • Endah Triwijati • Teguh Wijaya Mulya
Journal article Keluwih: Jurnal Sosial dan Humaniora • Квітень 2020 Індонезія

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— In these past few years, issues regarding homosexuality are growingrapidly. These issues, of course, cannot be taken lightly nor be ignored anymore asthey are slowly but surely surrounding us all. Looking through religion's shoes—as religion cannot be taken away from Indonesian's lifestyle that ideally upholdingthe values ofPancasila, many condemning homosexuality, and Christian is one ofmany religions that also refuse and condemn the act of it. In popular Christiandoctrine, it is said that homosexuality is a form of sin and brings sorrow to the heart of Christ. However, is it really the only doctrine about homosexuality in Christian?The answer is no. There is another doctrine which is more accepting and welcominghomosexuals as a part of them, and people barely have their feet submerged in thisone. This doctrine is never really discussed. Therefore, this research exists. Thereare two participants of this research. Both of them are priests and come from twodifferent doctrines and perspectives; accepting and condemning homosexual. Thisresearch is using priest as the participant because of their knowledge are assumedas suffice to gain the title and they are the biggest agent to spread the gospel whichpeople usually listen and look up to. Keywords: homosexuality, christianity, condemning homosexual, accepting homosexual, christian theology





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