STMIK Banjarbaru

College in Banjarbaru, Індонезія

Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani Km 33,5, Loktabat, Banjar Baru, Kalimantan Selatan 70714, Indonesia

STMIK Banjarbaru

STMIK Banjarbaru is officially formed on January 31, 2003, by the Director General of Higher Education on behalf of the Minister of Education and Culture as the only Undergraduate Level Higher Education Institution (S1) in Banjabaru, South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Fields of study: Media, Information & Communication, Computer Science & Information Technology

Journals published by STMIK Banjarbaru:

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  • Khusnul Khotimah
    public Komunika • Липень 2008
    Semiotic is a science about sign in form word, picture, sound and literary work. Semiotic often used asapproach to analyze text, in order to formulate structure and possible meaning, and often used as...
  • Miftakhul Anam
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    As one of the most important aspects of human life, economy has a significant role to the spirit of Muslim's religiousity. This is driven by the fad that economy is on osped supporting happiness and i...
  • Sulkhan Chakim
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    The long and continuous interaction process between Islamic preaching (do'wo) and Javanese culture hos resulted in new products of synthetic culture. The emergence of some rituals which shows the comb...
  • Syuafa'at Syufa'at
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    Da'wa hos two missions, namely keilohion and kerisolohon. The mission of keilohion means to free human beings from spiritual slavery while the mission of kerisolohon means to free human beings and in...
  • Nurfuadi Nurfuadi
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    Mission profession is glory profession that becoming responsibility as mos/em believer, especially the mos/em scholars as prophet heir that is not easy to implemented. There is condition, rule cind cr...
  • Muslih Aris Handayani
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    Both independence and ethics are two elements which determine the image and morals of journalism. The more highly they are respected, the healthier the press will be. Independent press is one which ca...
  • Warto Warto
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    Cultural objeds in Java besides owning high aesthetic value also have magical energy it is of course to which sure and trusting it. Arlistic to progressively form of the objed, hence will be valuable...
  • Nasrudin Nasrudin
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    In the some way as Christianity, Islam poses itself as a preaching religion. A preach for the truth of Islam represents Allah's order and is valued as a holy preach. The preach to obey God con be see...
  • Zaenal Abidin
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    Family life in modern era indicated erosion of parent's role, responsibility, ond core to educate teenager through their maturity. Therefore, mo/adoptive (ontisociol) teenager od ond behavior that con...
  • Enung Asmaya
    public Komunika • Січень 2008
    Religiosity is basic need of human beings. It is needed to guide human beings in achieving their happiness in life. If human beings hove realized that they con rely on their religious belief, none can...