Bangka Belitung University (UBB)

University in Bangka, Indonesia

Jl. Kampus Terpadu UBB, Kel. Balunijuk, Kec. Merawang, Bangka, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung 33172, Indonesia

Bangka Belitung University (UBB)

Universitas Bangka Belitung is a public university in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia. Bangka Belitung University was officially established on April 12, 2006. This establishment was armed with the Decree of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 52/O/2006 dated 12 April 2006. The establishment of UBB was the result of "unification" of Tin Polytechnic (Tin Polman), Bangka STIPER, and STTP 12. These three higher institutions had indeed long been established in Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Province.

Fields of study: Multidisciplinary

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