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Konflik Psikologis Tokoh Kakek Garin Dalam Cerpen “Robohnya Surau Kami ”Karya a. a. Navis Dan Relevansinya Dalam Dunia Pendidikan Image
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Konflik Psikologis Tokoh Kakek Garin Dalam Cerpen “Robohnya Surau Kami ”Karya a. a. Navis Dan Relevansinya Dalam Dunia Pendidikan

The literary is the result of creativity, initiative, and the human work close to the public. Most of the literary can be describe the life in the community, can take the form of fiction and reality. One type of literary in short stories. The short story as a story has builder elements one of which is a plot. One part from the plot is the conflict that makes a story more lively and give memorable to readers. Interestingly conflict there in the short story titled “Robohnya Surau Kami”by AA Navis. Kakek Garinfigure in these stories suffered enormous psychological conflicts that he was not sure with what has been carried out during life. Kakek Garinvery religious, but ended his life by suicide. The thing that makes this short story is very interesting to read and has a lot of moral values that can be taken the lesson. The moral values such as the value of perseverance and faith in God and do not like to brag because it would be bad for everyone else.
Implementasi Nilai\u002Dnilai Demokrasi melalui Pembelajaran Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan Image
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Implementasi Nilai-nilai Demokrasi melalui Pembelajaran Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

This study aimed to know: (1) The implementation of democratic values, (2) Proponent and obstacle factors, and (3) The solution to cover barrier to the implementation of democratic values through civics education. The type of this study was a descriptive and qualitative research. Data collection techniques used observation, interview, and documentation. Data analysis technique were conducted by reducing, interpreting, and concluding the data. The result of the research shows (1) The implementation of democratic values is done by entering the democratic values in syllabus and lesson plan include tolerance, cooperation, freedom of opinion, mutual respect and confidence. (2) The proponent factors are learning facilities, school culture and school leadership. The obstacle factors arethe decreas of parents proponent, in the circle of society, and difference of person. (3) The solutions areconscious from parents to have pay attention their children, community involvement, and establish good communication with students.
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Revitalisasi Nilai\u002Dnilai Pancasila sebagai Pendidikan Karakter Image
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Revitalisasi Nilai-nilai Pancasila sebagai Pendidikan Karakter

Pancasila as the Indonesian state should be the guideline for all Indonesian citizens in various spheres of life. But in fact this time the noble values of pancasila increasingly eroded due to the influence of westernization and globalization are less well filtered. Indication of the waning practice of pancasila values can be seen from the increasing number of cases involving young people which reflects the weak character of the nation, such as the rise of student brawls, clashes between students, anarchist demonstrations, cases immoral, crime, and so forth. To restore the values of pancasila in the life of society, nation and state need for revitalization efforts. Revitalization means process, ways, and actions to revive something that was previously lacking empowered. Through revitalization, expected values of pancasila became more terberdaya in Indonesian society. All parties can actively participate in efforts to revitalize pancasila values in all aspects of life. One of them is to instill the values of pancasila through teaching in schools in an effort to form a good character of the younger generation. The younger generation as a potential successor to the leadership of the Indonesian nation must maintain and practice the values of pancasila to people's lives and the country in the future for the better in the sense of the Indonesian nation has identity as a nation of character .
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